‘Attaboys’ we all need them!

Edited by Jada McKnight
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Everyone needs ‘attaboys’, ‘congrats’, ‘good jobs’ whatever you call them. Where did your ‘attaboys’ come from? Comedy cellar podcast people come out and tell transgender people they are gay or transgender and praise them for coming out.

We all need attaboys and if you didn’t get attaboys…you’ll get them one way or another. 

What’s an attaboy? pats on the back, kudos, and recognition. 

Pats on the back, kudos, and overall recognition.

I know I need them. I can’t help it. I need to be told that I’m doing a good job by someone. This could be because growing up, I didn’t get a lot of that. My mother would always brag on me and my accomplishments to others. That was great for her, and great for them, but not so good for me. I didn’t hear the attaboys.

She never really came to my basketball games or any other extracurriculars I undertook. So I never really got any kudos or recognition from her. My father…he really showed no interest in anything that I had any interest in. 

There wasn’t really any taking off work, encouragement, or ‘attaboys’ from them for my basketball games that I played or coached. So I guess I was left starving for attaboys. 

My ‘attaboys’

It’s very funny, and very strange who the attaboys came from. My wife gave me attaboys, my kids give me attaboys. 
They tend to verbalize their feelings toward me in ways that make me feel very, very good.

  1. “Good food, dad.”
  2. “You are talented, dad.”
  3. “You can do that too, dad, you are cool.”
  4. “You haven’t lost a step dad!”

Some of those comments are mildly hurtful, haha but it’s ok I get where they are coming from.

It doesn’t matter where your attaboys come from, but I know that we need them, and a lot of them. 

So if you’ve got someone in your life that you owe a few attaboys. Give it to them. You’ve got a cell phone right, may as well flip it out and shoot them a text.

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