Bad Parents are Blessings

Edited by Jada McKnight
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I think that the SHITTIER your parents the more likely you are to be extremely successful. On the one hand, your parents are SHITTY and they did nothing for you so you become a self-sufficient ACCOMPLISHMENT MACHINE! OR you’ll be extremely horrible and worthless because your parents did nothing for you…LESS LIKELY, but it happens. I don’t think the pendulum swings back to moderate. The Pendulum just swings from one extreme to the other.


In my video Double-Edged Sword, I talked a lot about Sir Issac Newton’s Law of Motion.

“Every Force Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction” .

Sir Issac Newton

OR As I call it, the double-edged sword

Good Parents

  1. (Blessing) Try to guide you, but (curse) you may have trouble finding “your own” way.
  2. (Blessing) Give your perspective, but (curse) it’s usually their perspective. 
  3. (Blessing) Provide a safety net, but (curse) when you fall, you may not even realize how badly you could have been hurt.
  4. (Blessing) Save for your college/future, but (curse) may not allow you to feel financial pressure you need to feel, that will condition your financial responsibilities later in life. 
  5. (Blessing) Shield you from the pain(s) of the world, and (curse) you become fragile.
  6. (Blessing) Give you what they DIDN’T HAVE materially, (curse) you may not learn to have delayed gratification. 

Bad Parents 

  1. (Curse) Are absent, so you (blessing) can learn to be more self-reliant.
  2. (Curse) Neglect you, so that you (blessing) can learn to be more resourceful.
  3. (Curse) Abuse you, so you (blessing) learn to protect yourself.
  4. (Curse) Project their failures onto you, you (blessing) get stronger carrying the weight of others.
  5. (Curse) Take from you, so you (blessing) get used to the idea of carving out a special place for your things.

To be Clear

There are a lot of dependencies that can come from having either parent. A lot of problems can arise. 

  1. Codependence
  2. False Sense of Security
  4. Financial illiteracy. No true awareness or knowledge around money, how to make it, earn it, grow it, and move it. 
  5. Fears of the unknown(s).
  6. Inability to trust people.
  7. You build up walls
  8. Naivete 

Bad Parents Blessings

There is so much adversity built into our lives from a very young age. Where you are supposed to get the love, you didn’t. That will harden you. 

Where you should have gotten your protection, you were left alone, and vulnerable yet, you survived. This will strengthen you.

Being abused toughened your mind, body, and spirit. It could have weakened you. 

Being punched, teaches you how to take a punch. 

There’s no way around it. 

Think of the bad parent as the sun, the time, the weather, that ages a good leather bag. 

The bad parent gives you the experiences that give you character. They teach you things as they scar you, and every scar tells a story.

This is what makes you cultured, special, and uniquely able to fit in where no one else can.

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