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Flush your Dreams down the toilet …it’ll be tough BUT FLUSH ’em!

Remember your dreams, then FLUSH ’em! First, you have to understand what’s… Possible and Probable These 2 words mean 2 very different things. Let’s take what they both mean. Possible adjective able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something. noun a person or thing that has the potential to become or do something,  Ability or Potential. That’s what I take it to mean. Probable adjective likely to be the case or to happen. Noun a person who is likely to become or do something I take this to mean – Likelihood of occurrence. Take my...


PEOPLE R $#!T | Reality Checks

I hate writing posts like this…but this is the Reasonable Dose. Facts over Feelings. Dammit! It’s true. People are (sometimes) ABSOLUTE TRASH! Disclaimer: I’m a very hopeful person. I had to write sometimes above because from time to time, the paths of good people cross. From time to time, us good people, can be caught on a good day, when they forget just how bad MOST people are and there can be genuine connections made. That’s why I said sometimes. I love people. I love what we are capable of. I also loathe what we are capable of. What are...


Women vs The Stick Shift

I WROTE THIS BACK IN 2015 – Keep that in mind as you read this… I’m married with 2 daughters and I notice lots of differences between how men and women act in different situations. I love watching the differences and trying my best to dissect why this is the case. Recently, my wife (FindingTiffany) was in a car accident. She’s ok. But she was driving our family SUV on the way to work was rear-ended, and had to drive another car we have that’s a stick-shift while our family car, an automatic, was being fixed. I taught her how...


How Broke people STAY BROKE

Broke AF Decisions I made.  CARS – BRO what is your freakin’ deal?! Here is the list of cars and their prices and years purchased.  Chevrolet Nova – 1985 – $600 ($100 paid by my mother or grandfather I forget who)  SCRAPPED Purchased 2001 or 2002 Price $600 2000 Nissan Altima TRADED IN FOR  Purchased 2003 Price $10,000 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Purchased 2003 Price $16,000 1996 or 1997 Audi A4 Quattro! (I’m not sure of this price. THe guy sold me a lemon and the title had a different year from the registration!) I owned 2 cars at...


5/25 – Mr. Warren Buffett’s Strategy Gift to Me!

Focusing on myself was difficult. I couldn’t find direction, I had to learn to focus on myself, and I wasn’t sure how to. Having no idea how to really decipher what were the most important ways to spend my time, something had to be done.  Reading books, watching videos, and blog posts couldn’t give me a quick and clear look at what I needed to make a priority vs. what was a waste of time.  Then, I stumbled upon an article on Medium where Warren Buffett explained how he prioritizes things. He struggled with the same direction paradox that I...


How can women be expected to select “Mr. Right”?

We all (Men) present the same initially.  Let’s take it from the top. If you are a woman, you should probably expect that if a man is talking to you, he’s ‘interested’ in you. Right?! OBVI! ofc This (if he’s talking to you he likes you) would be a ‘fair’ assessment to make of any communication you might have with a (most) man.  This, of course, isn’t always the case BUT…it’s more likely than not. If he’s talking to you he’s “interested” in you. It goes a little like this… You order Starbucks from your Starbucks app and head inside...


Teachers COULD be paid more, but they SHOULDN’T be!

A “Teacher” probably doesn’t accurately capture or represent all of the responsibilities of a “Teacher”. Teachers in fact are: Babysitters Correctional Officers Counselors Punching Bags Teachers (eventually) Social Workers What a ‘Teacher’ IS NOT A Parent Teachers spend incredible amounts of time with their students. 6 hours or more in most cases. More than the actual parents in most cases. Parents are still…parents. Teachers should never forget this fact.  The parent should also never forget that a teacher, in some ways, may know their child better than they do.  WHAT A HORRIBLE CONUNDRUM, on both sides. A Therapist Teachers prepare themselves...


Donna Wasn’t Racist

When I started my career as a work-study in my senior year of High School, I was BY FAR the youngest person in the office, at 17 years old.  Everyone liked me, and I liked everyone. So, from the time the school year started up to Halloween, I already had two months in the office under my belt.  There was a woman, Donna, who wasn’t in my chain of command, or even in my direct office. She was in the adjacent office, but pretty close by.  Donna was a woman from a semi-rural, semi-suburban part of Anne Arundel County in...


JOE ROGAN is Breaking Up With YouTube

He’s got a new BOO! Annnnd she’s FINE TOO! Here’s the YT video breaking everything down. I’ve watched people that play chess; I know you have too. Joe is from Boston, he is a standup, and THAT’S HARD. He hosted ‘Fear Factor’ and, let’s be honest, we watched that show just as much for Joe as we did to see who would eat monkey balls! Joe is a martial artist and a commentator of one of the most sophisticated sports ever. Oh yeah, and the BIGGEST PODCASTER EVER – well, it’s between him and Adam Carolla.  Joe plays chess. If...


HOW Marques Brownlee became my Mentor

Here’s a how I pick my mentors to steal – My example is Marques Brownlee. Let’s walk through how I vetted Marques as my mentor. Quite frankly he was on THIN ICE! 😨 Step by Step Start 🤔 with the question, “What interests you…” Answer: Tech Products (Be Specific) The reason we start with your specific interests is that you are more likely to naturally follow through with an interest-based mentorship. Why am I interested in “Tech Products”? Answer: I love new stuff. I love upgrading my cell phone AS SOON AS the NEWER Model is released. Do you I annoy...

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