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Be Proud of Where You Are

While Grayce is beautiful, she doesn’t belong to me. I helped my friend, we’ll call him Cleofus, Cleofus Bunker. I think when and if he ever joins me as a podcast guest, or something I hope to go into this one day in the future. When we speak, we talk a lot about guilt, moving up and down the socio-economic ladders of life, and the upbringings we’ve had that can sometimes make us feel “unworthy”. He’s done well for himself. Well enough to be able to join the ranks of the individuals that can comfortably afford the awesome Porsche 911...


Flush your Dreams down the toilet …it’ll be tough BUT FLUSH ’em!

Remember your dreams, then FLUSH ’em! First, you have to understand what’s… Possible and Probable These 2 words mean 2 very different things. Let’s take what they both mean. Possible adjective able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something. noun a person or thing that has the potential to become or do something,  Ability or Potential. That’s what I take it to mean. Probable adjective likely to be the case or to happen. Noun a person who is likely to become or do something I take this to mean – Likelihood of occurrence. Take my...


PEOPLE R $#!T | Reality Checks

I hate writing posts like this…but this is the Reasonable Dose. Facts over Feelings. Dammit! It’s true. People are (sometimes) ABSOLUTE TRASH! Disclaimer: I’m a very hopeful person. I had to write sometimes above because from time to time, the paths of good people cross. From time to time, us good people, can be caught on a good day, when they forget just how bad MOST people are and there can be genuine connections made. That’s why I said sometimes. I love people. I love what we are capable of. I also loathe what we are capable of. What are...


How Broke people STAY BROKE

Broke AF Decisions I made.  CARS – BRO what is your freakin’ deal?! Here is the list of cars and their prices and years purchased.  Chevrolet Nova – 1985 – $600 ($100 paid by my mother or grandfather I forget who)  SCRAPPED Purchased 2001 or 2002 Price $600 2000 Nissan Altima TRADED IN FOR  Purchased 2003 Price $10,000 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Purchased 2003 Price $16,000 1996 or 1997 Audi A4 Quattro! (I’m not sure of this price. THe guy sold me a lemon and the title had a different year from the registration!) I owned 2 cars at...


5/25 – Mr. Warren Buffett’s Strategy Gift to Me!

Focusing on myself was difficult. I couldn’t find direction, I had to learn to focus on myself, and I wasn’t sure how to. Having no idea how to really decipher what were the most important ways to spend my time, something had to be done.  Reading books, watching videos, and blog posts couldn’t give me a quick and clear look at what I needed to make a priority vs. what was a waste of time.  Then, I stumbled upon an article on Medium where Warren Buffett explained how he prioritizes things. He struggled with the same direction paradox that I...


How can women be expected to select “Mr. Right”?

We all (Men) present the same initially.  Let’s take it from the top. If you are a woman, you should probably expect that if a man is talking to you, he’s ‘interested’ in you. Right?! OBVI! ofc This (if he’s talking to you he likes you) would be a ‘fair’ assessment to make of any communication you might have with a (most) man.  This, of course, isn’t always the case BUT…it’s more likely than not. If he’s talking to you he’s “interested” in you. It goes a little like this… You order Starbucks from your Starbucks app and head inside...


How I STOLE Billionaire Mentors

I landed some great mentorships with some of the Billionaires, you may have heard of them. Remember Rule No. 1. ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED FROM YOUR MENTOR Donald Trump Thanks for the boardroom lessons. It’s like I was THERE with you:   Seriously, this man has accomplished so much. Regardless of your politics, or the difficult place we feel we might be in currently (Early 2018). Donald Trump has accomplished a lot. (me goofily with him someplace famous maybe breaking ground at the skate rink) Real Estate Buying/Holding/Dealing Ventures in NYC – PATIENCE. Success in New York City is...


HOW Marques Brownlee became my Mentor

Here’s a how I pick my mentors to steal – My example is Marques Brownlee. Let’s walk through how I vetted Marques as my mentor. Quite frankly he was on THIN ICE! 😨 Step by Step Start 🤔 with the question, “What interests you…” Answer: Tech Products (Be Specific) The reason we start with your specific interests is that you are more likely to naturally follow through with an interest-based mentorship. Why am I interested in “Tech Products”? Answer: I love new stuff. I love upgrading my cell phone AS SOON AS the NEWER Model is released. Do you I annoy...


How Dr. Ben Carson Became my Mentor

Remember Rule No. 1. ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED FROM YOUR MENTOR I had a Brain Surgeon, that had to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was enamored by this man, his talents, and poise under pressure. This guy literally held my life in his hands twice, in one month, and then years later as well when I had my third brain surgery. So, as I was shopping for Mentors I had a soft spot for neurosurgeons, kismet! ENTER DR. BEN CARSON. Dr. Ben Carson Dr. Ben Carson worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital,...


Bad Parents are Blessings

I think that the SHITTIER your parents the more likely you are to be extremely successful. On the one hand, your parents are SHITTY and they did nothing for you so you become a self-sufficient ACCOMPLISHMENT MACHINE! OR you’ll be extremely horrible and worthless because your parents did nothing for you…LESS LIKELY, but it happens. I don’t think the pendulum swings back to moderate. The Pendulum just swings from one extreme to the other. #idontmaketherules In my video Double-Edged Sword, I talked a lot about Sir Issac Newton’s Law of Motion. “Every Force Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction” ....

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