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Be Proud of Where You Are

While Grayce is beautiful, she doesn’t belong to me. I helped my friend, we’ll call him Cleofus, Cleofus Bunker. I think when and if he ever joins me as a podcast guest, or something I hope to go into this one day in the future. When we speak, we talk a lot about guilt, moving up and down the socio-economic ladders of life, and the upbringings we’ve had that can sometimes make us feel “unworthy”. He’s done well for himself. Well enough to be able to join the ranks of the individuals that can comfortably afford the awesome Porsche 911...


How Broke people STAY BROKE

Broke AF Decisions I made.  CARS – BRO what is your freakin’ deal?! Here is the list of cars and their prices and years purchased.  Chevrolet Nova – 1985 – $600 ($100 paid by my mother or grandfather I forget who)  SCRAPPED Purchased 2001 or 2002 Price $600 2000 Nissan Altima TRADED IN FOR  Purchased 2003 Price $10,000 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Purchased 2003 Price $16,000 1996 or 1997 Audi A4 Quattro! (I’m not sure of this price. THe guy sold me a lemon and the title had a different year from the registration!) I owned 2 cars at...


How I STOLE Billionaire Mentors

I landed some great mentorships with some of the Billionaires, you may have heard of them. Remember Rule No. 1. ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED FROM YOUR MENTOR Donald Trump Thanks for the boardroom lessons. It’s like I was THERE with you:   Seriously, this man has accomplished so much. Regardless of your politics, or the difficult place we feel we might be in currently (Early 2018). Donald Trump has accomplished a lot. (me goofily with him someplace famous maybe breaking ground at the skate rink) Real Estate Buying/Holding/Dealing Ventures in NYC – PATIENCE. Success in New York City is...


The Little Things

BMW…well I’ve got 2 now. Here are a couple of pictures of them…they are dirty, but who cares. I’ve got them. Not for any special reason, they were both cheaper than a brand new fully loaded Honda Accord. SO, we snagged them. We like our Bimmers OLD, USED, but most importantly CHEAP. Maybe we’ll get a new one when we, and our money grow up a bit.


Tipping – Should I tip you ANYTHING? Why should I tip?

Tipping, Gratuity, Leaving a bill or 2 in the jar – Should I tip at all? In this post, I’d like to explore your thoughts on Tipping for the service you receive.  How much should I tip for service? Why do people tip, and what’s acceptable? What do I tip if my service is crappy?

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!