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I think they tried to steal from me…

In Vlog #7 My daughter’s school tried to deny giving me $15 change for a $5 field trip when I pulled out my $20. It was against policy to give change, and I either had to go home OR give the difference to the school as a donation. I’m not against donating in any way, but the fact that they said something cost $5 and said it was ‘against policy’ to give me change…WELL – THAT JUST RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. Am I off base? Let me know! As usual, let me know what you think. Not going to...


Will WHITE kids be allowed to wear Black Panther Halloween costumes?

Last year Disney pulled Moana costumes from shelves and did some apologizing for offending people. Will Black Panther’s Halloween costumes follow the same path? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Let’s have a reasonable conversation. Don’t forget to check us out on youtube There was a BIG Uproar over Moana and Maui’s Halloween costumes.


Watching My Son – and His Tutor

My parents made NO EFFORT to get me the help I needed, and it really hurt me. I don’t blame them, but the facts are the facts. I was hurt by, the lack of attention they paid to my future. I had to figure life out on my own, and that difficult for a kid. When you are young you don’t have the answers, sometimes ANY OF THE ANSWERS.


Can Shame be a Motivator?

Shame used to be a tool used to Motivate, now what is it? I have a “way” of looking at things that, can sometimes, upset or frustrate some of my audience. I’ve gotten a lot of positive response on the blog, and a lot of negative feedback as well. I’m not ashamed of what I write or how it might come off. I care more about the content I provide for you here. I’m not ASHAMED. Which is also the subject of this post.  SHAME. a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have because you know you have...


7 Steps to Stopping a Bully

BULLYING! – How should kids Reasonable Handle Bullies? There are SpeakUp Campaigns to stop bullying. There is a Stop Bullying Now Foundation. There is even a government website, devoted to Stopping Bullies. ***Update*** I had an article sent along from This article has more Bullying Facts and statistics. We also had a submission on Cyberbullying from Dr. Walter Keenan and Dr. David Cohen. Jenny Silverstone is a writer over at She created a great infographic with steps to learn about bullying prevention. She’s a lot nicer than I am. I thought her more gentle approach should be sighted...


3 ways Squishy-Men can throw us all out of balance.

I’d like to discuss how a man ‘Reasonably’ SHOULD and SHOULD NOT act. Remember, this is the ReasonableDose Blog….there is not really a right and wrong here, necessarily. We’ll just attempt to look over our lives, the facts we know to be true based on the experiences we’ve had, and our own truths. Then we come out on the other side with a judgement. Yes a JUDGEMENT! ‘I don’t know that it is bad to judge, that seems to be human nature. Condemnation is not for human consumption, it must be left to higher powers.’ Justin McKnight – ReasonableDose As you read...


Child Discipline – Is it Reasonable to Spank a Kid?

Child Discipline – Should children be disciplined with spanking or is that too old school to be used anymore? In this post, I’d like to explore the issue of spanking children. Should children be spanked or physically disciplined in any way? Are those that spank just incapable of finding another way to discipline their children? Are there any angles we are missing?

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