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Teachers COULD be paid more, but they SHOULDN’T be!

A “Teacher” probably doesn’t accurately capture or represent all of the responsibilities of a “Teacher”. Teachers in fact are: Babysitters Correctional Officers Counselors Punching Bags Teachers (eventually) Social Workers What a ‘Teacher’ IS NOT A Parent Teachers spend incredible amounts of time with their students. 6 hours or more in most cases. More than the actual parents in most cases. Parents are still…parents. Teachers should never forget this fact.  The parent should also never forget that a teacher, in some ways, may know their child better than they do.  WHAT A HORRIBLE CONUNDRUM, on both sides. A Therapist Teachers prepare themselves...


100 Middle School Kids Get Detention – But No Suspensions or Expulsions!

Team Reason – I wrote this 5 years (March )2015 ago when my son, mentioned below, was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. He’s now in college, PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH! That’s my take away…I could have NEVER published this or published 5 years late…#imadeachoice My Son attends a school with about 1,014 students in Baltimore County.  On a brisk March day approximately 100 students, 10% of the student body, crowded into the cafeteria after school for detention. If 10% of the United States did ANYTHING, that would be about 30 Million People! When my wife told me that she wouldn’t be home at her usual...


Ban Guns OR Arm Teachers?

GOOD GRIEF. Are these our only choices? They can’t be, but SOMETHING MUST be done! On that, I think we all can agree. In Vlog #8 I wanted to talk about the mass shooting in Florida. I’m frustrated, I’m sickened, I also am trying to NOT LISTEN to anyone that claims to have a solution. I wanted to put it out there for TEAM REASON. What should sensibly be TRIED, to stop the mass shootings at schools? Blanket things like BANNING ALL GUNS is just unreasonable, and maybe arming teachers is also. But there’s got to be SOMETHING we can...


I think they tried to steal from me…

In Vlog #7 My daughter’s school tried to deny giving me $15 change for a $5 field trip when I pulled out my $20. It was against policy to give change, and I either had to go home OR give the difference to the school as a donation. I’m not against donating in any way, but the fact that they said something cost $5 and said it was ‘against policy’ to give me change…WELL – THAT JUST RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. Am I off base? Let me know! As usual, let me know what you think. Not going to...


7 Steps to Stopping a Bully

BULLYING! – How should kids Reasonable Handle Bullies? There are SpeakUp Campaigns to stop bullying. There is a Stop Bullying Now Foundation. There is even a government website, devoted to Stopping Bullies. ***Update*** I had an article sent along from wristband.com. This article has more Bullying Facts and statistics. We also had a submission on Cyberbullying from Dr. Walter Keenan and Dr. David Cohen. Jenny Silverstone is a writer over at momlovesbest.com. She created a great infographic with steps to learn about bullying prevention. She’s a lot nicer than I am. I thought her more gentle approach should be sighted...

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