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I hate writing posts like this…but this is the Reasonable Dose. Facts over Feelings.

Dammit! It’s true. People are (sometimes) ABSOLUTE TRASH!

Disclaimer: I’m a very hopeful person. I had to write sometimes above because from time to time, the paths of good people cross. From time to time, us good people, can be caught on a good day, when they forget just how bad MOST people are and there can be genuine connections made. That’s why I said sometimes.

I love people. I love what we are capable of. I also loathe what we are capable of.

What are people capable of? The good stuff!

  • Curing diseases
  • Donating blood
  • Losing hundreds of pounds
  • donating to the homeless
  • Training Killer Whales
  • Giving a loved one safe shelter after they leave rehab for the 3rd time
  • Creating Hamilton
  • going to outer space
  • reaching across the isle
  • compromising
  • love

What ELSE are People capable of? The bad stuff!

  • genocide
  • assault and battery
  • pimping and taking advantage of others
  • making dogs and chickens FIGHT
  • hurting and corrupting children
  • dividing a country
  • selfishness
  • hate

Seriously, we suck. Some days, like today, I wish I wasn’t a part of the human race. Morbid I know! But, what keeps me going, and what should keep us all going is our potential. The potential we have to be better today than we were yesterday, is what we should all remind ourselves of daily.

Mothers will divide their families. Wives will sleep with their husbands best friends. Husbands will abandon their families. Presidents will corrupt. Causes will divide and steal. Men will abuse.

Sorry for this post, but we are all lifting something heavy. My advice, although you didn’t ask. DROP THE WEIGHT


Only hold onto those positive experiences you’ve had in your life. Try to distance yourself as best you can from any and every negative person, and experience you’ve ever had. Do this before it drags you into the darkness as well.

No Loyalty or Allegiences

DO NOT stay close with family, because it’s your mom. Don’t stay in marriages because of vows. Don’t keep trying with your kids, because you are all they’ve got. THere are people that want your help, and there are those that do not. THis could be because of a few $#!TTY things you’ve done to them, that’s ok. You can’t undo what you did, you can only MOVE on what you know now, and where you are now.

Like Elsa Says – “LET IT GO!”

Let It Go Frozen Disney Movie Quotes. QuotesGram

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!