Series 1 : Post 8 : Why do women hold secret bathroom meetings?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

Women tend to come to consensus decisions together. The bathroom is considered safe and women can have more privacy here. The consensus can be reached and women can come out and execute on what “they” agreed upon.

Reasonable Thoughts:

Well, what can I say. I agree with this.

The women’s bathroom must sacred, and mysterious…I’ve never been in one, so this’ll be a short post.

A lot of women seem to like to congregate, and talk. So I’d assume that if they wanted to congregate, with privacy, what better place than the bathroom. After all, someone’s going to pee, someone’s going to powder their nose, someone will wanna know what all the hubbub is about!

So, the bathroom it is! Seems reasonable…

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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