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Be Proud of Where You Are

While Grayce is beautiful, she doesn’t belong to me. I helped my friend, we’ll call him Cleofus, Cleofus Bunker. I think when and if he ever joins me as a podcast guest, or something I hope to go into this one day in the future. When we speak, we talk a lot about guilt, moving up and down the socio-economic ladders of life, and the upbringings we’ve had that can sometimes make us feel “unworthy”. He’s done well for himself. Well enough to be able to join the ranks of the individuals that can comfortably afford the awesome Porsche 911...


The Little Things

BMW…well I’ve got 2 now. Here are a couple of pictures of them…they are dirty, but who cares. I’ve got them. Not for any special reason, they were both cheaper than a brand new fully loaded Honda Accord. SO, we snagged them. We like our Bimmers OLD, USED, but most importantly CHEAP. Maybe we’ll get a new one when we, and our money grow up a bit.


3 Ways to Decrease Car Fatalities

Start from the VERY BEGINNING. Revamp the drivers test. Revamp the drivers test. Revamp the drivers test. In my last post Should Cars Drive Themselves, we recapped on my trip to NYC to the New York International Auto Show and autonomous driving cars, and now I’d like to talk about the horrible drivers that pilot these extremely safe vehicles and still manage to get into accidents. I know, I know. You may have been looking for something crafty like, cell phone disabling devices. Maybe there could be a service created that supplies the back seats of every American with a...


Car’s that Drive Themselves – Reasonable?

I’m currently at the 2016 New York International Auto Show – NYIAS. I’m a car guy, and even though this is a blog about people, their actions, and my attempt at making society “think” more about a larger more Reasonable picture, the chips are stacked against us.

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!