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Women are Really Simple Creatures

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this back in March of 2015 also…#choicetime. Leave it unpublished, or give it to you now…ENJOY The world at large brings us lots of things: TV and Internet to share thoughts, but can choke us with Reality TVEvery commercial highlights “getting out of debt”. They say nothing about how your debt comes about, do they?They also tell us how, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” That’s nonsense. Here’s why…



So you love her…..RIGHT?! Ok so you love her. Or, you think you do. I get it. In fact, I’ve been there. Those are only feelings –  viable feelings, but  only feelings. Feelings can get us in trouble, emotional trouble. They do mean something, and your feelings should be respected. After you get out of the “feelings” stage, and you feel like the relationship is going somewhere, somewhere good! You start to ask questions. (And look up blog posts on the topic, right?!)


Reasonable Husbands – what are they?

Husbands – How do they think? The good ones I mean. In this post, I’d like to explore the issue of Reasonable Husbands and their Leadership of their families and their marriages. Should a husband accept all of his wife’s opinions? That sounds bad, I know….. Should a husband eagerly split, or allow control to be split 50%-50% in the marriage? Should I contribute my half or everything emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically?

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!