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7 Steps to Stopping a Bully

BULLYING! – How should kids Reasonable Handle Bullies? There are SpeakUp Campaigns to stop bullying. There is a Stop Bullying Now Foundation. There is even a government website, devoted to Stopping Bullies. ***Update*** I had an article sent along from wristband.com. This article has more Bullying Facts and statistics. We also had a submission on Cyberbullying from Dr. Walter Keenan and Dr. David Cohen. Jenny Silverstone is a writer over at momlovesbest.com. She created a great infographic with steps to learn about bullying prevention. She’s a lot nicer than I am. I thought her more gentle approach should be sighted...


Child Discipline – Is it Reasonable to Spank a Kid?

Child Discipline – Should children be disciplined with spanking or is that too old school to be used anymore? In this post, I’d like to explore the issue of spanking children. Should children be spanked or physically disciplined in any way? Are those that spank just incapable of finding another way to discipline their children? Are there any angles we are missing?

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!