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Teachers COULD be paid more, but they SHOULDN’T be!

A “Teacher” probably doesn’t accurately capture or represent all of the responsibilities of a “Teacher”. Teachers in fact are: Babysitters Correctional Officers Counselors Punching Bags Teachers (eventually) Social Workers What a ‘Teacher’ IS NOT A Parent Teachers spend incredible amounts of time with their students. 6 hours or more in most cases. More than the actual parents in most cases. Parents are still…parents. Teachers should never forget this fact.  The parent should also never forget that a teacher, in some ways, may know their child better than they do.  WHAT A HORRIBLE CONUNDRUM, on both sides. A Therapist Teachers prepare themselves...


Tipping – Should I tip you ANYTHING? Why should I tip?

Tipping, Gratuity, Leaving a bill or 2 in the jar – Should I tip at all? In this post, I’d like to explore your thoughts on Tipping for the service you receive.  How much should I tip for service? Why do people tip, and what’s acceptable? What do I tip if my service is crappy?

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!