Women vs The Stick Shift

I WROTE THIS BACK IN 2015 – Keep that in mind as you read this…
I’m married with 2 daughters and I notice lots of differences between how men and women act in different situations.

I love watching the differences and trying my best to dissect why this is the case.

Recently, my wife (FindingTiffany) was in a car accident. She’s ok. But she was driving our family SUV on the way to work was rear-ended, and had to drive another car we have that’s a stick-shift while our family car, an automatic, was being fixed.

I taught her how to drive a stick shift many years ago. I wanted her to learn, and maybe also learn to LOVE driving the stick-shift as I do.

I felt like it provides you so much control when driving. There are constant problems to solve:

  1. What’s the best gear to be in RIGHT NOW?
  2. How should I shift after braking hard?
  3. How can I peel out of this corner optimally?!
  4. Is it time to downshift?

All things that I hoped my wife would think and feel driving her stick shifts.

We snagged a Hyundai and then Mazda for her and lastly a Dodge. All stick shifts.

I’d thought she was driving the stick shift because she felt like I did. But I was wrong. She told me after we sold a car that she didn’t want to drive a stick anymore.


I was lost, hurt, and I didn’t know why. 🤣

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