Why I blog – 2018

Why do I blog in 2018?

BOY-O-BOY have a been through a lot since I started this back in 2014. FAMILY Changes, marital issues, being a dad to 3 young children to 1 headed to college, 1 headed to high school in the not too distant future, 1 still just a BABY!

Anyways, I blog now because I really feel like the world is slipping down that “slippery-slope” that people always talk about. If we start doing this, then this bad thing will happen. If we stop doing that, this bad thing will happen.

I just wanted to keep hacking through all of that crap and just go with what “feels” best. Not based on any social guilting, or fear of losing followers or money or anything like that. Just simply how is RIGHT and WRONG gauged in 2018 when we can’t “say certain words” “wear certain hats” or even “patronize certain restaurants”.

Wherever that slippery slope was, I think we are on it now.

I even started a YOUTUBE Channel!

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