How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Be Proud of Where You Are

While Grayce is beautiful, she doesn’t belong to me. I helped my friend, we’ll call him Cleofus, Cleofus Bunker. I think when and if he ever joins me as a podcast guest, or something I hope to go into this one day in the future. When we speak, we talk a lot about guilt, moving up and down the socio-economic ladders of life, and the upbringings we’ve had that can sometimes make us feel “unworthy”.

He’s done well for himself. Well enough to be able to join the ranks of the individuals that can comfortably afford the awesome Porsche 911 Carrera.

I’m proud of him, not because he CAN own something like this amazing car, but because he was ABLE to mentally set aside certain insecurities, and silence that IMPOSTER SYNDROME voice that can exist in all of us from time to time.

Seriously, take a look at this vehicle. It’s totally impractical, and the USE for this car is purely enjoyable! YES – BUY IT and BOSS UP! Do not think too hard about the OTHER things are you could have done with the funds, or the fact that some people don’t have this or that throughout the world. You’ve earned the ability to indulge a bit, some people buy purses, or eat out, travel, you’ve chosen a car. AND A BAD ASS ONE AT THAT

I’m proud of you Cleofus…

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