Higher Standard vs. Double Standard | Roseanne Barr

I posted a video on YouTube attempting to NOT call Roseanne Barr a racist, bigot or whatever… Only because it’s been done. That horse has been beaten thoroughly. ( I hate that saying – beat a dead horse…it’s kind of funny tho!)

Anyway…Some people can hold up a fake severed head of our POTUS

…and they get to keep having a career. Others can tweet something bad and get their highest rated TV show canceled.

I’m confused. I just don’t know if we have HIGHER standards for some or just DOUBLE standards across the board.

What do you guys think? Was Roseanne ( regardless of how BAD you know she is ) held to a higher standard than let’s say, Kathy Griffin?

I don’t care what we do or who we condemn, I just thought consistency might be Reasonable!

Link to Video

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You are Reasonable too, I knew it!