How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

How can women be expected to select “Mr. Right”?

We all (Men) present the same initially. 

Let’s take it from the top. If you are a woman, you should probably expect that if a man is talking to you, he’s ‘interested’ in you.

Right?! OBVI! ofc

This (if he’s talking to you he likes you) would be a ‘fair’ assessment to make of any communication you might have with a (most) man. 

This, of course, isn’t always the case BUT…it’s more likely than not. If he’s talking to you he’s “interested” in you.

It goes a little like this…

You order Starbucks from your Starbucks app and head inside to pick up your order… 

  1. The guy that holds the door for you says “Hello, sweetie” Strike 1 maybe…
  2. The barista that made your latte says, “THANK YOU! Have a fantastic day love.” STRIKE 2 . You notice that the 3 people before you, didn’t get as much as a glance from that same barista. SUSPICIOUS – but STRIKE 2 none-the-less.
  3. Entering your office building, you walk past about 10 guys, 1 security guard 1 guy in the parking lot, and one guy in the elevator who all enthusiastically speak to you. STRIKES 3, 4 and 5!

Even though you’ve decided to move through life avoiding eye contact, you notice yourself even more perturbed at the fact that you typically rack up more strikes than in 3 games of baseball, or 10 games of the before you’ve even arrived at your desk.

  1. Headed to the break room you avoid “creepy guy”…STRIKE 6 MISSED
  2. Uh Oh! Creepy Guy is taking the long way back to his desk, claiming that he’s, “just trying to log more steps on my Fit Bit”, he says. ‘WHATEVERBACK TO STRIKE 6.
  3. As you head out for the day, you’ve lost count – you’re most likely on Strike 12-15.

After Work

You want to feel better, it’s Thursday and it’s HAPPY HOUR somewhere! Instead of heading into the bar alone, you wait in the parking lot for your office mates, utterly exhausted from all the attention earlier that day. 

As her friend’s park, she heads inside with them. The hostess is a girl, no advances made – NO STRIKES.


Guy spotted across the bar. An undone top 2 buttons on his shirt, wrinkled around the collar. The necktie was likely thrown haphazardly onto his back seat, after leaving the office in frustration. Sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he gives her a nod and a smile. 

You are the best thing he’s seen all day. Gauging interest, he hopes to catch even a faint smile or glance back in his direction before he plots his next move. 

As your eyes meet, he smiles at you. You quickly roll your eyes, and change your posture to face away from him, and more toward your familiar group. 

Dejected. Although you weren’t trying to insult him, you are on strike 15 or 80 for the day, you’ve lost count. Had it not been for the long day of woeful man-avoidance, you may have been much more receptive to the possibility of Mr. 5:45 PM, who could have been Mr. Right. 

Tough Timing…Mr. Right

Consider this the average woman’s plight. Familiar experiences like these may happen to her DAY after DAY. How on earth is she supposed to EVER find Mr. Right? Discerning the Mr. Potential Right’s, from Mr. Wrongs and Mr. Maybes? Impossible…

Life can become lonely after a while. Then a smile is flashed from across the room, it could be from a Mr. Wrong or a Mr. Right, she relents and smiles back

Roll of the Dice 

I guess that’s where the saying comes from. You need to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. The ladies’ plight is real! 🤦🏾‍♂️

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