The Little Things

BMW…well I’ve got 2 now. Here are a couple of pictures of them…they are dirty, but who cares. I’ve got them.

Not for any special reason, they were both cheaper than a brand new fully loaded Honda Accord. SO, we snagged them. We like our Bimmers OLD, USED, but most importantly CHEAP. Maybe we’ll get a new one when we, and our money grow up a bit.

I wanted, and planned, to purchase a Porsche 911 Turbo before I was 30, but that didn’t work out, but that’s ok. Here’s to #loftygoals. I ended up picking up my E46 M3 in April of 2015 from a dealership in Long Island, NY.

Yay…I’ve finally got a fast car, even took it to the racetrack once. NICE!

My wife and I picked the white one after our 16-year-old Dodge Neon crapped out. We got it used, reasonably priced, and Certified Pre-Owned, thanks BMW. No great reason to buy it, no good reason not to either. So we did it, and we are glad we did.

Enter “The Little Things”.

When I drive my car, I hear the best sound from the exhaust. IT’s really fast, and when I downshift, and hit the gas, it moves! It’s nice. I know it’s just a little thing, the sound my car makes, but it matters to me. Exhaust notes through the cabin, make an easy replacement for the shock jocks that grace the airways on my ride home from work.

What is reasonably small, that matters to you? Whatever it is, share it with us, grab it and hold it close.

Enter “Another Little Thing”

My wife and I are fortunate enough to carpool.

So we typically drive her car, and drop off our little one at daycare. Right now it gets pretty cold in our state. She’s got this button on the side of her steering wheel, the steering wheel heats up! Can you believe this! It heats up. It evenly warms my hands, doesn’t burn, and it warms it to a perfect temperature. It’s awesome.

Our hands feel great in the winter.

Ok, I’m not talking to all of the people who knew about this, and have experienced these little things for far longer than my wife and I have. NOT TALKING TO YOU. You lucky ducks you!. I’m late to the party and wanted to tell you that, you should seize all of the little things you can, when you can.

So I chose to buy the BMW with the nice sound and speed. And after my wife’s car crapped out we got her something nicer. These are small things and we should seize them when we reasonably can.

I’ll be headed to the Car Show in NYC in April.

I’ll report back on what I see, and on the hunt for all of the little things that I can afford. Affording all of the big stuff, may not be in the budget. But, we do have our steering wheel heater, and that’s an awesome “little thing”. So I’ll go to the New York Auto Show, and for a few bucks, I’ll hunt for a few of the little things I can look forward to on our next car. I’ll report back on what I find.

#steeringwheelheater WHO KNEW!

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