How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith


Did you ever hear that saying?


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Ever say it yourself? I do – well I did...

I think that we only follow God because we can’t hear His voice. OR we don’t realize that the voice we hear is our own. His Voice is one of our own creation – I mean.

Here’s are a few examples: 

  • “Wow, I got an overdraft from the bank! “God is looking out for me.
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Monopoly – Parker Brothers
  • Our 2nd child was stillborn…it was terrible. “We shouldn’t ever question God’s motives.
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  • “I went in for a physical, and they caught my CANCER JUST IN TIME! “The Lord works in mysterious ways.
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We get to tell whatever story about God that we want, in that moment. Why is that?

It’s because…GOD DOES NOT SPEAK TO ANY OF US, and if he did, we’d be the only ones that would know. Right…

God isn’t a Fact, God is a Belief

Let me preface this with my personal beliefs (2019), I DO BELIEVE IN GOD. (Now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue.)

You and God can have as many little whisper sessions (prayers) amongst yourselves, and no one would ever know. For all intents and purposes, you rationalize any of the decisions that you intend to make, by putting them through a filter that you say isn’t yours, but they are GOD’s. 

#copout #butunderstandable

Then you’ll vet your decisions, and ascribe them to God by saying that “He spoke to me…”.

Yeah yeah…can you prove that? So you could tell me anything. I’m not saying that in any facetious way. I’m literally saying you can TELL ANYONE ANYTHING. 

Again, I believe in God, but I can acknowledge that it’s more likely that GOD IS NOT REAL than it is that HE IS REAL. And that’s ok.

Why do I believe in God?

I believe that Where Science Ends, God Begins


As long as there are questions that lie beyond the boundaries of science, I choose to believe (or feel) that’s where God lives. 

Quick example: How are babies made?

“When a man and a woman, love each other very much…”

The Science

Sperm, Finds Egg. 

Image result for sperm finding egg
  1. Egg gets fertilized. 
  2. Egg Grows in uterus
  3. Baby is delivered.


  • How did the man get the sperm?
  • How did the woman get eggs that work?
  • Why did they make “THAT BABY” with those qualities?
  • After the difficulties of raising a child, why do these people DESIRE to do this again?
  • If childbearing is such a fragile, and painful process, why did this pregnancy succeed where others did not?

That’s The Science vs. The God – for me anyway.

Using words like “feel or believe”, further illustrate the lack of evidence for the existence of an ALL KNOWING, ALL BEING – GOD.

If there was a God that did speak to you, and we’ve agreed that God is someone or something that we CAN BELIEVE IN, means that whatever we say about God, is likely a creation of our own. There then can’t be any supernatural guidance of your life. This is more likely self-conceived advice you give to yourself. 

Now to our original point. When YOU are engaged in something shameful, horrible, irresponsible, dirty, or vile. You might employ what YOU AND YOU GOD worked out.

Only God Can Judge Me

Right – that’s what you’d say, when you have no way to justify your horrible and magnificent actions and choices. I’d do the same thing, and I have in the past. You also might find yourself becomming upset when you are judged by anyone except YOU God!

You refuse to judge yourself harshly. You refuse to allow your parent, spouse, sibling, or friends judge you. ONLY YOU GOD CAN. 

Society currently

God is safe, and most people seem to separate themselves from God. That level of separation has to provide a buffer between ourselves and TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY. 

God can be that buffer. The buffer that can’t be challenged by anyone. Ever. 

Just know that if you do BELIEVE in GOD. God is whatever you make him. Whatever you say God said is, THAT’S FINAL.

In closing, pursue your best self. Don’t fall into the narcissistic trap of thinking you are doing anything valiant, good, pure, or virtuous. Just know you are doing WHATEVER YOU WANT. God…likely has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

God Bless!

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