How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Series 1 : Post 7 : Why do women wear purses?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

Women try hard to maintain their curvy figures. Women cannot store things practically in the pockets of their pants, because that would make their hips bulge. Women will not look uniquely feminine, if she has things in her pants pockets. So she buys a purse!

Reasonable Thoughts:

WHAT?! I do not agree! It’s a pretty funny assertion, but I don’t see how this is possible. It’s not very reasonable to think that a woman thinks about how her body will look less feminine if she uses her pockets. Even though this is a true statement, I just don’t think that’s why women choose to buy purses. (Ladies…please weigh in, in the comments section.)

Women typically like being prepared, without preparing.

Let me explain.

A lot, not all, but most of the women I’ve known carry purses. Of the women that do carry purses, there are many reasons why a woman carries a purse. There are a litany of things inside of that purse.

There’s gum, mints, feminine products, make-up, maybe a spare shirt, napkins, comb, brush, tissues, a travel-umbrella, lotion, lip-balm, pens, pencils, maybe ballet flats for when their feet get tired, a notebook, maybe a snack, spare change, and ninja stars!

The women’s purse can sometimes represent the, “you-never-know”, principle.

The premise of over-preparedness seems good on the surface, but is that what this reasonably is?

Hypothetically…Well this really happened.

Let’s say that a woman has to run 2 errands. A trip to the grocery store, a stop by the mall, then back home for lunch.


But What If?


When on the way to the grocery store on day, you get a text:

Sarah: “Wanna have lunch?🍗”

You: “Sure. Just runnin errands, nuthin’ serious🤥”

Sarah: “Gr8, Jenny and I r goin to the cheesecake factory now. Mimosa time🥂!!”

You: “Girl u read my mind. Da kids have been lil terrors😡!”

Sarah: “Why do u think we r here 😇.”

You: “C u soon #escapefromalcatraz 🤐”

You think, this works out great:

You’ll just take a quick detour before the grocery store, you’re hungry anyway. You are meeting at the Cheesecake factory, so you’ll use the lipstick you’ve got in your purse. The leggings and running shoes you have on won’t work for the Cheesecake Factory, but the leggings and ballet flats in your purse definitely pass!

You put the lotion from your purse on your feet, before you put on your ballet flats. You look down and think, Yeah that works…cute!

After removing the comb and brush from your purse, you pull down your visor to tend to your hair, gotta make sure the curls are in good shape. Digging a little deeper, eye-liner, can’t hurt right?

You then fish for a tissue, you rushed putting on your lipstick and wipe off the imperfections! Perfect!

Ugh this sweatshirt just won’t work, but no matter. The racerback in your purse is much more flattering anyway!

You can’t find parking in the front of the restaurant, so you head over to the parking garage. The fact that it’s raining doesn’t phase you, and you head to the top-level of the garage, and before hopping out of the car to brave the elements, you snag the travel umbrella you have in your purse.

Your purse is your home away from home. It’s got everything you need! Why fight it?

Lunch and 4 Mimosas later…

You make the happy, refreshed, and rejuvenated walk back to your car. You swing your travel umbrella around your finger as you press the up arrow on the elevator.

As soon as you get off of the elevator, there are like 60 ninjas between you and your car!

Without hesitation, you pull the ninja stars out of your purse, scream BRING IT!!! As you  sprint out of the elevator, you know that you are PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!

So duh…that’s why a women wear purses!

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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