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Steve Kerr is Leaking Spinal Fluid – So did I

Steve Kerr is the coach of the Golden State Warriors, and he has just stepped down as the head coach for the remainder of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Steve Kerr had surgery on his back in the past and there were complications.

What Complications?

You had a Spinal Fluid Leak resulting from surgery and it’s causing you problems. Debilitating ones…and I know what you are going through. The Nausea, the headaches, all of it.

Spinal Fluid is, well, the fluid in your spine. Spinal fluid also surrounds your brain, not blood.

So yeah, a Spinal Fluid Leak is a terrible thing, that can be fatal. I don’t know what all of Steve Kerr’s issues are, but I got Meningitis after Spinal fluid was leaking from my nose after my 1st brain surgery on my pituitary tumor. When there is a hole spinal fluid leaks out, and infections can get in. It’s painful, sad, and it caused Steve Kerr to make a very difficult decision and leave the sideline as his Warriors are likely Championship bound.

Supporting Steve Kerr

And anyone that has had a spinal fluid leak.

You’ll get through this. I know it. I made this video to show Support for Steve Kerr.

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