How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Women outnumber Men at the New York Auto Show

I was sitting at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, and during the opening press conference a crazy, confusing, and surprising stat was highlighted.

57% of the 2016 New York Auto Show attendees were women. Oh, this is gonna mean sumpthin…but what?

Will auto design direction change?
How about color options?
What creature comforts might be added, or removed?
What does this say about performance changes, ambitions, and goals?
What does this say about EVERYTHING?

The Money

Regardless of WHO makes more money, women are going to the car shows, significantly influencing or making the auto purchasing decisions in their household. This will influence lots of different factors.

The Data

With this fact that the auto show attendees were women to the tune of 57%, it stands to reason that there will be many decisions made that speak directly to what would attract women.

The Reasonable Take

Men generally know what they want in a car. Like EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.
Women generally may want to explore more options. Like MEH…about the whole thing.

I’m a guy, I know I want a pickup truck again one day. I know it’ll most likely be a Ford, I’ve got my reasons, none of which are relevant to this post. I just know that I want one! Ford F-150 with the turbo V6, with all the trimmings. *King Ranch Package could be cool…but the black interior is killer!

My wife on the other hand…

I ask, “What kind of car do you want?”
She replies, “I don’t know, one that drives!” What the FRENCH TOAST WOMAN!
“Well do you have some ‘rough’ idea?”
“I think you should maybe go and look at a few cars.”

But people don’t like to go to the dealership, there’s pressure to buy, drive, or communicate with people at the dealership. Who wants to deal with that pressure? I’m not sure but I know my wife is much less comfortable dealing with that than I am.

Quiet as kept, I hate that part too.

Attending the Press Days at the New York International Auto Show I found this very interesting. I’d likely find it equally as interesting if there was some other number, for some other demographic and I’d be dissecting the possible reasons behind that also.

Ladies Take Note

You are being watched, stalked, and preyed upon by the auto companies. Use your powers wisely. Wield it as the King Arthurs Knights would wield their power. Tell the auto companies what colors you want, types of fabric, wheels, trim, anything. Anything you can think of telling them. They are watching.

Gentlemen Take Note

Be sure to tell the women in your life what you’d like on the next car. Maybe she’ll be nice and bestow some of her powers of persuasion to the car companies to you.

It goes like this.

You look great today!
I love your new hair cut!
What do you think about mud flaps, obnoxious exhaust noise, and an inappropriate amount ground clearance?

Manipulation is not a good strategy to get what you want in your car…

Wait. Isn’t this post about helping women understand the power they have to manipulate?

I’m Reasonably confused.

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