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Women are Really Simple Creatures

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this back in March of 2015 also…#choicetime. Leave it unpublished, or give it to you now…ENJOY The world at large brings us lots of things: TV and Internet to share thoughts, but can choke us with Reality TVEvery commercial highlights “getting out of debt”. They say nothing about how your debt comes about, do they?They also tell us how, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” That’s nonsense. Here’s why… Like and Share 20


100 Middle School Kids Get Detention – But No Suspensions or Expulsions!

Team Reason – I wrote this 5 years (March )2015 ago when my son, mentioned below, was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. He’s now in college, PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH! That’s my take away…I could have NEVER published this or published 5 years late…#imadeachoice My Son attends a school with about 1,014 students in Baltimore County.  On a brisk March day approximately 100 students, 10% of the student body, crowded into the cafeteria after school for detention. If 10% of the United States did ANYTHING, that would be about 30 Million People! When my wife told me that she wouldn’t be home at her usual...


Bad Parents are Blessings

I think that the SHITTIER your parents the more likely you are to be extremely successful. On the one hand, your parents are SHITTY and they did nothing for you so you become a self-sufficient ACCOMPLISHMENT MACHINE! OR you’ll be extremely horrible and worthless because your parents did nothing for you…LESS LIKELY, but it happens. I don’t think the pendulum swings back to moderate. The Pendulum just swings from one extreme to the other. #idontmaketherules In my video Double-Edged Sword, I talked a lot about Sir Issac Newton’s Law of Motion. “Every Force Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction” ....


‘Attaboys’ we all need them!

Everyone needs ‘attaboys’, ‘congrats’, ‘good jobs’ whatever you call them. Where did your ‘attaboys’ come from? Comedy cellar podcast people come out and tell transgender people they are gay or transgender and praise them for coming out. We all need attaboys and if you didn’t get attaboys…you’ll get them one way or another.  What’s an attaboy? pats on the back, kudos, and recognition.  Pats on the back, kudos, and overall recognition. I know I need them. I can’t help it. I need to be told that I’m doing a good job by someone. This could be because growing up, I...


FINE I’ll Call college students “kids”. I was wrong to call them adults

Editing Credit : Jada McKnight Everyone that acts like a kid, should be called a kid. If you aren’t yet responsible for necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. You are still a kid.  This perspective is new to me and my old stance was if you are over 18 you should be treated like and called an adult.  I mostly thought this when people would say college kids when they could legally drive, drink, sign up for war, and be charged as adults if they committed a crime. Adults adults adults!!! That’s what I thought. THOUGHT…past tense. Now, I see...


What has having a brain tumor taught me?

Life is short…#expectedright. WHATEVER. My TUMOR is so special to me that I had to write a post about it… Nah, having a tumor has shown me that I needed to just get shit done that I wanted to. Being faced with your mortality is one of the purest things we all need to experience to aid us in gaining TRUE PERSPECTIVE. When you are threatened with ANYTHING that shows you as mortal or vulnerable you’ll know exactly what you need to do at that moment, and moving forward. Sort of like owning a gun. You may be the most...


I’m SURROUNDED by TRUMP Supporters!

SURVEY IS UNDER THE VIDEO!!! Here is our most exciting survey yet…well it’s our first. We are, at the time of this writing September 22, 2018, approximately 2 years and 8 months from the date that President Donald Trump was sworn into office. So I’m checking the temperature, the Reasonable Temperature of the folks in the country.  How does it feel knowing that half of the people you are surrounded by, at any given time are Trump voters/supporters? Here’s the Survey, you can fill it out anonymously. Loading… Why did I make a dang survey? Well, every year I hear...


Stereotypes are GREAT for COMEDY!!!

 As far as making a good joke is concerned we need a lot of good stereotypes to be tossed in. Absent stereotypes or cultural, racial, gender tendencies you’ve got a bad joke. It’s much harder to envision yourself in a situation that makes NO sense vs. a situation you’ve been in before. Let me be clear, a bad joke is one that does not make “sense”. In this case, the ‘socially acceptable sense’. Here are a few weird examples of jokes that DO NOT make sense based on cultural norms: Joke Starts: “I was in line behind a Jewish...


Be Fair to LeBron James! and Kobe and MJ

This is my first sports post about Sports… I wrote and made a video about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to Kneel and the fallout for him, and the NFL in the past. That wasn’t really a sports post but this one is. Lebron is being treated unfairly…and I just had some words on that front. Lemme know what you think.  Who is the G.O.A.T.? Should we name a GOAT after the NBA has been around for the past 72 years? Consider how much someone changes after 72 years. You are a baby, then a kid, adolescence dummy, teens and awkward, the...

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