Rant on Porsche and Pizza Doritos

Why on earth did the year 1996 give me so much pleasure, but oh so much pain?!

Thanks 1996

You gave me:

  1. The Macarena
  2. TickleMe Elmo
  3. Independence Day
  4. The Nutty Professor
  5. The Best Toni Braxton I could have ever asked for!

But you took:

  1. Tupac Shakur
  2. Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Gene Kelly
  4. Pizza Doritos

Why Pizza Doritos?

Frito Lay, you are a huge company. The people said they wanted them back, in all their deliciousness. But you didn’t listen. You acted as if we never existed.

Pizza Hut Doritos were delicious. You giveth, then you taketh away!

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