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100 Middle School Kids Get Detention – But No Suspensions or Expulsions!

Team Reason – I wrote this 5 years (March )2015 ago when my son, mentioned below, was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. He’s now in college, PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH! That’s my take away…I could have NEVER published this or published 5 years late…#imadeachoice


  • My Son attends a school with about 1,014 students in Baltimore County.  On a brisk March day approximately 100 students, 10% of the student body, crowded into the cafeteria after school for detention. If 10% of the United States did ANYTHING, that would be about 30 Million People!

    When my wife told me that she wouldn’t be home at her usual time, and she had to pick up our son from school, I was confused, and upset. I thought that maybe he got into trouble, missed an assignment, but he’s a pretty good kid…generally speaking.He’s 13 and in the 8th grade. Our families afternoon plan is:

    • Our 3rd grade daughter comes home from school.
    • Our son is about 5 minutes behind her.
    • He lets the dog out of the crate, and walks him.
    • They are together for about 15 minutes until my wife arrives home from work.
    • Pretty good system huh….


    This detention really disrupted our family. But why were 100 students serving detention, but none suspended?

    Something was Forced on Students/Families

    For the 2014-2015 School year, the school system adopted what they felt was better, and safer for the students. They signed up the entire county for a “new way of doing things”. They did this without consulting parents or students. This change was perpetuated after the horrible Shooting at Perry Hall High School a short time before. The School System thought wise to take swift action. Enter the ONE CARD.

    Smart ID Cards

    Dept. Of School Saftey and Security

    These ID Cards were given to the students, complete with microchips, and possible GPS capabilities. The ONE CARD is more than just your average ID card.

    These ID Cards are to be worn around the necks of students, and displayed clearly for all to see. They also have a Smart Chip inside for scanning on scanners set to be installed in every classroom near the entry door. In the future if a scan is missed, parents could be notified with an immediate email.

    Parents weren’t asked about this new card. Students weren’t polled or surveyed….now, I’m not advocating that students be asked to determine their futures. But, forcing such a big change on a group of young adults and their parents, just seems Unreasonable.

    There are stiff penalities for not carrying this badge.

    Penalties – The first column (left) is for elementary school age kids. The second column (right), middle and high school students.

    BCPS One Card Blueprint 2.0
    BCPS One Card Blueprint 2.0

    Kids are forgetful…

    Hang on a second, NOT JUST KIDS, EVERYONE IS FORGETFUL. I forgot my keys this week, left my clothes in the washing machine for too long (smelly), and almost put the milk in the cabinet with the plates, AGAIN! 

    Once, I even drove half-way to work, before my youngest daughter (2 yrs. old) said something in the back seat. I was so involved in whatever podcast I was listening to, that I’d forgotten she was sitting quietly in the back seat. I had to burn more of my over-priced fossil fuel, turn around and take her back to daycare…I was so late that day. We usually talk every morning the entire way but, I guess we were both tired….who knows.

    If adults forget things, because of what’s going on in their lives. It stands to reason that a kid may forget, or lose something, from time to time. I know responsible people, and irresponsible people alike. Both of types of people lose or misplace things at one point or another.

    The average school year is 180 days in the United States.

    Do you really think that between the 101,000 and 110,000 Baltimore County Public School Students, all of them will be responsible enough to hold on to them for an entire 180 day school year?

    Gimme a break!

    Public School Systems Abuse Their Power

    I want parents to stand for it NO LONGER.

    Every Summer, my son and I usually go to the Gently Used Uniform sale at his school. We save a few bucks per-shirt, just before school starts.

    Uniforms are REQUIRED at his school – Great. I’m a fan of school uniforms. 

    • But…………..these same uniforms have already been purchased at full price ONCE.
    • 1 Polo Shirt w/ embroidered Logo, 1 Khaki Pant.
    • The school system gets to sell the shirts to parents AGAIN, for $3 off the full price. (Double Dipping Anyone?!)

    Are the Current School Uniforms and School ID’s we have to purchase aren’t identification enough? Now, we are required to purchase ONE CARD’s…..ID’s, that when students lose or misplace, you’ll charge me money for. Money, that I must pay, or you’ll threaten to withhold school records, report cards, or deny students from participating in school activities?

    Things we pay for involuntary, are called TAXES.

    Of the 100 Kids that served detention last week all will, at some point, pay the school, $5 per replacement ID…you do the math. Unfair.

    Society’s Influence

    With tradgedes like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech. School districts everywhere want to do any and everything they can to protect the children in our schools. I understand and agree with this sentiment. 

    But, all change is not good change. And some change is just Unreasonable.

    • Teachers (should) know the students in their class. If there is an unfamiliar face, take appropriate action.
    • There are already buzzers on the front doors to enter a school.
    • Students wear uniforms to self identify, so why 3 or 4 forms of ID? 
    • Uniforms, Student ID’s, ONE CARD Smart Student ID’s, and WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE.

    I do not like how Public School Systems have forced these changes on families. Not becasue I do not like change. It just has to be sensible, Reasonable.

    School systems continuing to abuse their power. Indirectly taxing the people that already pay approxamelty $12,236 per student per year. According to the Baltimore county Department of Economic Development.

    The do it because they can. They do it because we do not speak up. Don’t inconvience and frustrate parents. Or charge them extra money, just because you don’t want to spend 2 minutes before class saying the age old words:

    Johnny… (Look, Listen, Engage) Here!

    Melissa…(Look, Listen, Engage) Present!

    Kenny…(Look, Listen, Engage) Here!

    Maria…(Look, Listen, Engage) Present!

    What to do next!

    When you have an unreasonable or unfair experience with a teacher or administrator, speak up about it.

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    I’d love to hear your story. I hope it doesn’t TOP the Unreasonableness here!

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