How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

HOW Marques Brownlee became my Mentor

Here’s a how I pick my mentors to steal – My example is Marques Brownlee. Let’s walk through how I vetted Marques as my mentor. Quite frankly he was on THIN ICE! 😨

Step by Step

  1. Start 🤔 with the question, “What interests you…”
    1. Answer: Tech Products (Be Specific)
      1. The reason we start with your specific interests is that you are more likely to naturally follow through with an interest-based mentorship.
  2. Why am I interested in “Tech Products”?
    1. Answer: I love new stuff. I love upgrading my cell phone AS SOON AS the NEWER Model is released.
  3. Do you I annoy people surrounding your interests in “Tech Products”?
    1. Do I always go ask people if they’ve heard about the non-game-changing feature on the latest iPhone?
    2. Do I forward Marques’ YouTube Videos to people without them asking me?
    3. Do I listen to podcasts or read books about new tech, about the same topics? Over and Over again.
    4. Do I think it’s cool wearing a backpack that looks like a piece of Tech?
    5. Do Friends and Family say that shopping for me is too expensive, or they never pick the right tech product?
    6. Are people forced to get me a Best Buy Gift Card because the “Just can’t figure it out.” 
  4. Who are the Best Candidates for MENTOR STEALING in the Tech Products Interest  Space? Do a google search! Once you find a few potential mentors, find one you “like”.
    1. Do you like their personality?
    2. Could you work with them?
    3. Would you answer their call late at night, or even step out of a funeral to return a call?
    4. Would this mentor, NOT want you to step out of a funeral to take their call?
    5. Do you smile when you consume their content?
    6. Here’s my guy!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee
MKBHD on YouTube

He’s one of the largest Tech Product Review guys on YouTube. (That’s not all he is.)

  1. Stalk the mentor – RECON RECON RECON
    • Access: Marques Brownlee is probably very inaccessible.
      • But he’s on YOUTUBE, so I’ll subscribe, and watch his content.
    • Location: I think he lives in New Jersey.
      • I don’t, doesn’t matter.
    • Interests: He likes and owns a Tesla.
Mired In Controversy, Elon Musk Sits Down For Lighthearted Chat ...
Elon and Marques
  1. I respect his opinions, so I’ll learn a bit more about Tesla.
    • Visibility: He posts tech product reviews and gives his insight into the world of tech, several times a week typically.
      • I’ll consume that too. I do need headphones, my iPhone upgrade is a THING, so I’ve gotta do research. ENTER MARQUES
    • Openness: He has a list of all of his personal tech equipment on the Kit  Website.
      • Whenever I’m shopping for a new piece of tech, I check out Marques’ list of equipment and see if it fits in my budget. Even though…#geardoesntmatter

So if you cannot “find” a mentor – STEAL ONE. Just follow the steps above to make the best selection. In a nutshell:

  1. Find your mentor PROSPECTS
  2. Shorten the list based on your interests and rapport you feel when you consume the content.
  3. Consume their content – as much of it as you can.
  4. Make the choice for your mentor.
  5. Take the recommendations that they ACTUALLY USE, not what they say. Step 3 will help you actually know what YOUR NEW MENTOR does, IS IN FACT what you should also choose.
  6. Follow their methods – DO NOT DEVIATION
  7. Repeat their processes until you can make them your own.

I’ve written posts on how I got Ben Carson, Will Smith, Mark Cuban, Drake, J.K. Rowling, Kobe Bryant, and Gary Vaynerchuk to mentor me.

Find the post that shows you how to steal your mentor below:


Whoever you want to be your mentor, you can persuade them to mentor you, and they can’t say NO. No matter how rich, famous, or exclusive they are – they’ll never be able to refuse. Marques couldn’t refuse me! He’ll likely be one of my mentors for the rest of my life.

I mentally and emotionally kidnapped Marques. I’ve taken his material, videos, thoughts, social media feeds and hijacked them. I’ve held these pieces of them, permanently commemorated as my own personal ransom. Devious Laughter! 😂

Only take the parts that you need from your mentor.

No one is perfect, and I’m well aware that Marques is not. There’s the phrase, “Never Meet Your Heroes”. We can change that phrase a bit and say, “Never Meet Your Mentors”. More specifically, take only what you want most from your stolen mentors, Take only their best qualities and leave the rest. How’s this?

Michael Phelps – I’ll take your work ethic, but I’ll leave the drug use.
Steven King – you are a committed author. If you were a vlogger you’d probably vlog daily…I’ll skip the cocaine addiction.
Trump – I’ll take the sticktoitiveness – I’ll leave the tweeting alone!
Mark Cuban – I’ll take the toughness – I’ll leave the running shoes with my suit look!

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