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How I STOLE Billionaire Mentors

I landed some great mentorships with some of the Billionaires, you may have heard of them.


Donald Trump

Thanks for the boardroom lessons. It’s like I was THERE with you:  

  1. Seriously, this man has accomplished so much. Regardless of your politics, or the difficult place we feel we might be in currently (Early 2018). Donald Trump has accomplished a lot. (me goofily with him someplace famous maybe breaking ground at the skate rink)
    1. Real Estate Buying/Holding/Dealing Ventures in NYC – PATIENCE.
      1. Success in New York City is probably extremely difficult and he did it. Not just success he killed it.
    2. Donald Trump attempted to save buy/save/preserve the CFL to hopefully compete with what would become the NFL that we know today- AMBITION and STICK-TO ITIVENESS. (Negotiating the football deal.)
    3. The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC – DON’T be a ONE-TRICK-PONY. (Boardroom shot me goofily with him in the boardroom)
    4. President of the United States #45 – ALWAYS AIM HIGHER (Swearing in – or in the oval office)

Here’s what Donald Trump taught me.

  1. When you are born with a “silver spoon” you’ll blow your money – THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERY RULE
  2. NYC is a tough city to succeed in – ELEVATE YOUR GAME
  3. Deals fall through, promises are broken – THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY IS AROUND THE CORNER
  4. Run for President – NO GOAL IS UNATTAINABLE

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban you gave me swim lessons one day (SHARK PHOTO). I couldn’t believe it. We actually swam together. You didn’t give me many secrets that day, but you did let me look at your notes.

  1. Showed me that hustle is real. WORK HARD (Working Hard)
  2. Joined the Venture Capitalist Cast of Shark Tank – ALWAYS DIVERSIFY
  3. There’s no such thing as an overnight success – PATIENCE (Struggling in the beginning)
  4. If you want something WORK HARD (Standing on the Mav’s floor)

Scruples – Mark Cuban = SCRUPLES

Mark Cuban validated why I chose him as my mentor when I hear of a stance he took against a policy that was in place on ABC’s Shark Tank. ABC’s Shark Tank had a clause in place that would give the show or network a portion of the profits or ownership in the company. Scruples.

Here’s a quote from a Will Yakowicz article, Staff writer at

According to the clause, all contestants were required to give Finnmax, Shark Tank’s production company, either 2 percent of their profits or 5 percent equity in their company. This rule applied regardless of the deal struck with investors, and all contestants since Season One were obliged to agree to it.

Mark Cuban was willing to potentially risk missing out on tons of VC investment opportunities, by standing up to the network in this way. Risking alienating a huge TV Company, and creating big and powerful enemies. Standing on Scruples – Thanks for that lesson Mr. Cuban. I heard you loud and clear.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk seems to search for both complex and simple problems to solve, on a very grand scale. Elon Musk – my other stolen mentor, seems to run SPRINT towards these seemingly insurmountable problems. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, TO SOLVE HARD PROBLEMS.

  1. TESLA…Seriously? Actually, FINISH the product. Make as much of it PROPRIETARY as possible, then share all of your information. (passenger seat with Elon)
    1. If you don’t know what Tesla is here’s what it is in short:
      1. Tesla, Inc. (formerly named Tesla Motors), an American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California.
    2. Most of the cool looking electric cars you see…those are TESLA’s (PHOTO OF A TESLA) Oh yeah like 315-335 Miles per charge.
  2. The Boring Company – is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk in late 2016. He’s going to attempt to dig under the city of Los Angeles and in my home city of Baltimore, MD. WORK WITH EXTRAORDINARY TO DO THE EXTRAORDINARY (sitting in a drill digger)
  3. Creating a space travel company, SpaceXLITERALLY AIM FOR THE STARS (me holding onto a SpaceX rocket)

Mentor Musk, you dream crazy dreams – then turn them into reality.

1923 Ford Model T for sale #2006803 - Hemmings Motor News
Cybertruck | Tesla
To This…

I learned so much from my stolen Billionaire mentors. How to sharpen my mind, better manage my time, invest money, patience, and how to be a shark!

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