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JOE ROGAN is Breaking Up With YouTube

He’s got a new BOO!

Annnnd she’s FINE TOO! Here’s the YT video breaking everything down.


I’ve watched people that play chess; I know you have too. Joe is from Boston, he is a standup, and THAT’S HARD. He hosted ‘Fear Factor’ and, let’s be honest, we watched that show just as much for Joe as we did to see who would eat monkey balls!

Joe is a martial artist and a commentator of one of the most sophisticated sports ever. Oh yeah, and the BIGGEST PODCASTER EVER – well, it’s between him and Adam Carolla. 

Joe plays chess. If you think he’s not smart or wasn’t planning this for quite some time, you are crazy. 

Think about it–he’s hosted a few shows, runs successful businesses, hosts an hour-long podcast, and he just made the move from California to Texas, and is likely doing it in the most surgical way possible. 

I’m intrigued. 

I wonder IF the fact that he couldn’t be as free as he’d like with guests, and if JOE is fearing being canceled or demonized, has anything to do with his move?

He COULD have just moved to Texas and let that be that. BUT he’s taking ALL of his content off YOUTUBE. 

He’s making a few statements and taking a few protective measures for his company, and maybe his sanity, and sending a DAVE CHAPPELLE-like message to one of the largest companies in the world. GOOGLE. 

I hope you are listening. 

Comment below for how you think Joe “might” change overall after his move.

Some of his top interviews are: 

  1. Elon Musk (2 times!) – C’mon, you don’t know who he is?
  2. Alex Jones – BIG PERSONALITY – conspiracy theorist – analyst (right, wrong, or indifferent)
  3. Dan Bilzerian – overall cool guy
  4. Ben Shapiro – overall cool guy
  5. Edward Snowden – traitor/whistleblower – depending on how you look at it. 
  6. Neil Degrasse Tyson (2 more times) – scientist
  7. Michael Osterholm – American professor
  8. Mike Tyson – boxer and interesting personality
  9. Bernie Sanders – (politician)

Joe Rogan is much like a Larry King, Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Carson, Barbara Walters, Howard Cosell, Jim Gray, Bob Costas, Bryant Gumbel, or Diane Sawyer. 

Epic people, epic interviews. Joe Rogan is a very, very smart guy. Consider the caliber of people on that list. He’s had HOURS UPON HOURS, EVERY DAY, interviewing, researching, and dissecting the work of some of the smartest, most innovative, eclectic, or flat out crazy people in the world. 

Joe is a lotta smart, pretty innovative, hella brave, weird as heck, and I think a bit crazy – but calculated crazy. I love Joe Rogan.

People like him who are genuinely curious, who take risks and discuss all thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are somewhat prophetic in the moves and steps they take. 

So, really, we should all be watching Joe’s next steps closely. AGAIN, he’s moving into, and through, some uncharted territory for most. How could he not be successful in navigating the minefield OUT of the liberal bubble of California into the conservative backyard of Texas?

I’ve got tickets to the Joe Show, and I can’t wait for September.

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