How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Series 1 : Post 5 : Why are women so obsessed with shoes?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

If you have a woman with a lot of shoes and clothes, that shows that she isn’t working but still has a lot of money. It seemed to be implied that, a “successful” woman is able to live off of a man and not work for herself. He also says that women do not work but spend a lot of money.

Reasonable Thoughts:

Sometimes women’s clothes are pretty impractical the narrator does give his thoughts on this. This is true.

Sometimes women can purchase clothing for a purpose that has nothing to do with a function, like holding screws, lifting heavy objects, or welding objects together. This is also true.

Men’s clothes are typically more functional in nature, they usually have a purpose but, a women’s clothing is less like that generally speaking. So in turn I would venture to guess that the purchase of women shoes might follow the same non-practical path as the clothing, and that may make these purchases less practical and more likely to buy on the basis of, cuz I want vs. cuz I need.

Take Shirts for Instance…

Men have:

Dress shirts
That’s pretty much it. That’s like 6 things.

How about women?

Women have:

Mock Necks
Spaghetti straps
Crop tops
I don’t feel like listing them all, but there are a lot of them.

Men wear pants, or shorts. Women wear…skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, capri’s, I’m exhausted!

Women have very cool and interesting cuts to all of the clothes made for them. There are many different body types, and certain things look different on all of the different body types of women…but this isn’t a post about women’s body types. I’m equally exhausted, what was this post about again? Oh yeah…

It’s about women shoes!

Primary Question : What’s with women and their shoe obsession?

With all of the different looks a woman can go for, the shoe part of the outfit should be no different. I’m not listing the shoes so don’t even try it!

Reasonable Thoughts:

Women might sometimes visualize themselves in a very specific way, on a special occasion and having a specific look. In their heads this may be “perfect” or when they try it on or purchase it, it may not. So there will be a change.


There are so many different types of women’s shoes. She can make her look, her own so easily.

Take Men and Their Cars

Typically women do not customize their cars to the same degree men do, but there are almost an infinite amount of wheels that you can put on an infinite amount of different cars with custom paints, accessories, and looks.

We men have to customize other things, and we do. Women are able to customize their individual looks because of all the choices and options that are out there for women to pick from. Awesome!

So while some women may be greedy and gold digger’y, I do not think that’s the women are selfish in any way, as it relates to their shoe obsession.

I sort of wish I had more choices in the shoe department. Shoes are a lot cheaper than car rims!

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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