How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Series 1 : Post 4 : Why do women love gossip?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

Women rely more on social manipulation to get what they want, because they are physically weaker than men generally are. Where women cannot impose their physical will to get what they want like men, they use manipulation to accomplish the same goal.

Well, I don’t know what manipulation has to do with gossip, but I presume that the narrator is lumping gossip in with the outcomes of said gossip.

Which could mean after the “gossip” is, well gossip’d, there could be newly adopted perspectives about the person who is being gossiped about. That was a mouthful…

Reasonable Thoughts:

Meh…I’m not so sure.

I just think of myself as a voyeur on this one, a reasonable voyeur. I’ve watched my mother, sister, wife, and daughters interact. Summed up, they just talk more. More than me, my son, my dad, uncles etc…

They talk about stuff, then other, stuff, and some more stuff. Men are different in that way, but we “gossip” just the same. It’s more so topic centric.

Consider the male gossip surrounding sports.

“This sporty-sports guy is going to be traded to this sporty-sports team, for lots of money. That’ll mean a sporty-sports salary for sports money for this sporty-sports player, and that’ll enable the team to do this sporty thing or that sporty thing, and bring in these other 2 sporty-guys. blah blah blah…?”

Women also “gossip” about what they are interested in. Their personal experiences, the experiences of each other, so that’s what they talk about. Yeah, it’s gossip, that’s true. I doubt that it is motivated solely by the woman’s desire to manipulate because of her lack of physical strength, like the narrator supposes.

WOMEN LIKE TO TALK. Men can, and usually do, focus on 1 thing for longer than a woman.

This is why women can hop from person to person, subject to subject, and the man can simply stay with her line of thought(s) as she moves from one to the next.

This is also why women can get bored with what men have to say. It’s said that men lecture, or “mansplain”. Men can just go ON-and-ON about a particular topic, this is true.

Thank GOD for a woman’s ability to talk, and the mans ability to listen, or at least look like it. (that’s a joke!)

Thank GOD for a mans 1-to-1 focusing, without that, those problems that require years of unwavering focus wouldn’t have gotten solved. See, colonization, building bridges, and walking on the moon.

Thank GOD that the woman was able to move seemingly effortless from thing to thing. See teaching the kids to read, making the family schedule, remembering activities, never missing an important date and having the memory of an elephant!

I swear it’s like someone Reasonably created us to be the perfect, although sometimes frustrating, yin-yang for each other.

I love the differences between men and women, we are so good for each other.

Women keep on gossiping…you couldn’t change it, even if you tried! I don’t think you are manipulating me…that may just mean it’s working!

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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