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Series 1 : Post 7 : Why do women wear purses?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: Women try hard to maintain their curvy figures. Women cannot store things practically in the pockets of their pants, because that would make their hips bulge. Women will not look uniquely feminine, if she has things in her pants pockets. So she buys a purse! Reasonable Thoughts: WHAT?! I do not agree! Like and Share


Series 1 : Post 6 : Why are women constantly cold?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: Women have babies and their bodies are designed to maintain a higher core temperature than a man. They are supposed to have a body that can the potential child they will one day carry. (Not So) Reasonable Thoughts: Ok…well this is reasonably science’y. So I did some research. There is a bit of a spike in a woman’s body temperature when she ovulates. The body becomes more ‘fertility aware’ during this time – actual term. Like and Share


Series 1 : Post 5 : Why are women so obsessed with shoes?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: If you have a woman with a lot of shoes and clothes, that shows that she isn’t working but still has a lot of money. It seemed to be implied that, a “successful” woman is able to live off of a man and not work for herself. He also says that women do not work but spend a lot of money. Reasonable Thoughts: Sometimes women’s clothes are pretty impractical the narrator does give his thoughts on this. This is true. Sometimes women can purchase clothing for a purpose that has nothing to do...


Series 1 : Post 4 : Why do women love gossip?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: Women rely more on social manipulation to get what they want, because they are physically weaker than men generally are. Where women cannot impose their physical will to get what they want like men, they use manipulation to accomplish the same goal. Yikes… Well, I don’t know what manipulation has to do with gossip, but I presume that the narrator is lumping gossip in with the outcomes of said gossip. Which could mean after the “gossip” is, well gossip’d, there could be newly adopted perspectives about the person who is being gossiped about....


Series 1 : Post 3 : Why do women love bad boys?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: Among women there is a perception that, If a man is nice, he views himself as somehow less valuable than the woman, and not worthy of her respect. The woman will not settle for a man who sees himself as less than, or even equal to her. Reasonable Thoughts: I’ve got nothing here. I do know that most women want and like a “take-charge” kind of guy. But at the same time, she does not want to be abused, mistreated, dominated, or controlled. But it does not seem like all women want and demand...


Series 1 : Post 2 : Why do women fixate on marriage?

Summed up the narrator seems to think: Women cannot have it all, but she wants it all. What is “it all”, Family and Career. Women want to be the best mothers, and at the top of any career ladder they decide to climb. The narrator doesn’t think this is possible. He goes on to say that, the woman needs to get married. Her desire to be taken care of for life, is strong and paramount. If she doesn’t get married, the older she gets, the less attractive she becomes. He describes this as a WINDOW, that the woman MUST-NOT-MISS! Or...


Series 1 : Post 1 : Why do women take food from your plate?

This is post 1 in a 9 – Series Post addressing a provocative YouTube video. See the link at the bottom for the video. Example Used: Like the woman orders a salad and eats your fries… Summed up the narrator seems to think: The woman wants to know 1 of 2 things: Is the man a pushover, or Is he strong enough to stand up to her? Reasonable Thoughts: Well, I partly agree here. Like and Share


The Little Things

BMW…well I’ve got 2 now. Here are a couple of pictures of them…they are dirty, but who cares. I’ve got them. Not for any special reason, they were both cheaper than a brand new fully loaded Honda Accord. SO, we snagged them. We like our Bimmers OLD, USED, but most importantly CHEAP. Maybe we’ll get a new one when we, and our money grow up a bit. Like and Share


Punting Black History Month – It’s just not the same.

Things weren’t always this way… When I was young, a long long time ago, I was just given the facts of what was going on at the time. I recently went to see a good….well GREAT movie, Hidden Figures. My 10 year old daughter came along. This movie was right up her alley. See she joined an after school STEM program for the girls at her school. And everyone came to the school to watch the girls launch rockets they built after school. Great movie, at a great time! Now lets get on to why I’m ‘punting black history month’. ...


Why the Pause : Where has The Reasonable Dose Been?

I know it’s been a while Team Reason, We are Back in EFFECT (How old am I, honestly) I paused because I made a few pivots in my life. After going through something pretty tough and heavy, quite frankly unReasonable! and coming out battered, bruised, and hopefully even more Reasonable than before, I wanted to write this short update. I owe you that much. Things aren’t always what they seem….unless they are?! HAHA. Whatever that means…(I was just kinda hoping that little quote would make it onto a T-shirt or something! I started working on a big ReasonableDose project and...

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