Series 1 : Post 6 : Why are women constantly cold?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

Women have babies and their bodies are designed to maintain a higher core temperature than a man. They are supposed to have a body that can the potential child they will one day carry.

(Not So) Reasonable Thoughts:

Ok…well this is reasonably science’y. So I did some research. There is a bit of a spike in a woman’s body temperature when she ovulates. The body becomes more ‘fertility aware’ during this time – actual term.


I don’t’ know if or why women are constantly cold, but the narrator makes pretty good assertions in his video. See the link at the bottom of the post for the video.

Time for a few insensitive jokes.

Men are hotter under the collar when in relationships!!!!
Women tend to give their men the cold shoulder!!!!
Women are cold cuz they are ready for a hot and heavy romance!!!!
Men are hot because we have to go and shovel snow most of the time!!!!


I have no idea if any of this is fact but it was a funny post. On to the next one!

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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