How can one Ever Be Reasoned out of something, that they have never been Reasoned Into in the first place. ~ Ron Smith

Series 1 : Post 2 : Why do women fixate on marriage?

Summed up the narrator seems to think:

Women cannot have it all, but she wants it all. What is “it all”, Family and Career. Women want to be the best mothers, and at the top of any career ladder they decide to climb. The narrator doesn’t think this is possible.

He goes on to say that, the woman needs to get married. Her desire to be taken care of for life, is strong and paramount. If she doesn’t get married, the older she gets, the less attractive she becomes. He describes this as a WINDOW, that the woman MUST-NOT-MISS! Or she will risk being alone forever.

Reasonable Thoughts:

I partly agree here. But, I don’t believe that is the firm motivation behind why SOME women want to get married.

The WINDOW, yeah, that’s probably a real thing.

Call it the biological clock, the window, prime years, or the point of no return. It’s something. I think it’s reasonable for women to be cognizant of this “window”.

It’s real, and after a certain age, there are just some things a woman’s body is less likely or unable to do, if she “misses” her chance. So, she must understand that there is a window, or at least feel that one exists.

I’m not a woman, but I’d guess that if I always wanted kids of my own, and I chose my career and climbing the corporate ladder for 20 years, with no break for living my life. I might face a painful reality in my 40’s if I ever decided that I wanted to have kids of my own.

She’d likely realize, and this is a tough realization, that she always wanted kids and the possibility of never being a mother, is now very, very real.


Marriage is something that women should “fixate” on, at least to some extent.


I love customs. I love them because they can’t be conventionally measured.

Customs are social norms or standards that are accepted by a society. They have no real basis in purpose or reason, customs are done “Just Cause we always have done it”. It’s…customary.

There is no good reason for a man to hold a door open for a woman. NONE. But men do it because Chivalry, in our culture, is CUSTOMARILY accepted.

Women fixating on marriage is CUSTOMARY. So, women focus on marriage. Women might look at marriage as the starting point of something; a new life, family, kids, a dog, eventually many years of marriage and happy memories behind them. I know I did.

Grandkids, family reunions, and aging gracefully, with a family full of love surrounding them as the move to the next life, is a picture we all want. Offspring, namesakes, successors, women want these people and their burden is they are the key to this life, the future they want literally begins with THEM.

Nice picture – I want that too.

Women may also “fixate” on marriage because it’s the end of something; the single life, the constant vetting of jerks and douche bags in clubs or on the dating scene. Going-it-alone, is a thing of the past.

So marriage, being CUSTOMARY, the woman wants to get married…most likely. Even men don’t expect to have a girlfriend 50 years. He thinks he’ll meet a girl, date her, get engaged, then married and begin life together.

Yay!!!! I know that fixated is probably a strong word, but that’s the question, and that’s why women some women can probably become ‘fixated’ on marriage.

Marriage is the gateway to the life she’s envisioned for herself on the other side of marriage…CUSTOMARY.

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Here is the link to the YouTube Video

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